Hi and welcome from the whole team here at Maganda Plant Nursery.

We are a new, family run nursery which specialises in creating decorative planters both for inside and outside.

We started focussing on succulent plants however we are in the process of expanding our product range to include cactus, fruits and vegetables, carnivorous plants and plants to attract bees and other insects.

While we do use typical plants that you will recognise, we enjoy trying to use more unusual plants that you might not find very easily anywhere else.

Our displays come in all sizes from small, delicate displays all the way to large pots and terrariums which will be a focal point in any room.

Although we don't have a physical shop at the moment we do appreciate you coming to visit us at the craft fairs we are attending around Merseyside. Check our blog or Facebook page for details of all our locations.

If you have any questions or ideas for a bespoke display please contact us at contact@magandaplantnursery.com or use any of the “Contact Us” buttons on this site and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

We are constantly adding new products to our range so please go to our store pages to see what we have on offer and come back often.